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Testing and Evaluation
  Testing & Evaluation
  Psychologists are trained to conduct formal, objective evaluations for a variety of purposes. All evaluations conclude with a review of a written report, which can be provided to other parties with your permission. Many clients choose our practice because of our reputation in providing highly detailed, informative, written evaluations.
  Evaluations Include:
ADHD Learning Disabilities                Forensic
Lethal Weapons Permit Personality/ Diagnostics            
Couples Compatibility Career  
  Testing Services Include:
  Cognitive/ Neuropsychological
  Performance based measures to assess learning, attention, and IQ.
  Self-report and projective testing to assess enduring behavioral traits, motivation, emotions, and clinical syndromes.
  Career/ Vocational 

Tests to assess interests and aptitudes to facilitate career selection and development, pre-employment screening and educational options.

  Legal/ Forensic

Comprehensive assessments of mental status, personality, competency to stand trial, and diminished capacity.

  Personal Injury

Objective assessment of psychological impact of pain and post-traumatic stress.


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